Good Wave Surf Morocco

There is nothing like the stoke of surfing

Let us take you on the surf adventure of a lifetime !

Surf lessons

35 € per person

Surf lessons are a great way to experience surfing in some of the mosts famous spots in the world. 

Our instructors are highly trained, fun and friendly.  We run small groups (between 2-5 surfers per instructor) so that you receive a full attention and revelant feedbacks.

What does a typical day of surf lesson with us looks like ? 

After putting on your wetsuit and giving you the equipment, we start by a 2 hours lesson which includes : 

  • Briefing about the conditions, security and equipment
  • Warm up on the beach
  • Practice on the beach to learn the moves properly in a stable environment
  • Practice in the water to apply what you’ve learned with the help of our surf instructor

After that, it is time to get some rest and eat something. 

You will finish your surfing day by practicing on you own under the awarness of your instructor. 


  • All the equipment including softboard & leash
  • Wetsuit
  • Experienced & friendly instructors
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen

Surf lessons are made particularly for beginners who have never surfed before or for people who surfed a few times but don’t feel confident. 
We deliver lessons for adults, groups, couples, kids above 5 yo. Our lessons are as personalised as we can to allow you to surf at your own pace and feel more confident. 

Surf guiding

25 € per person

The region of Tamraght and Taghazout is worldwide known for it’s variety of spots that run all year long (with the sun as bonus!). Let us introduce you to surfing on the best waves of the region such as Anza, Banana Point, Anchor Point, Killer, etc… 

What does a typical day of surf guiding with us looks like ? 

As everyone dresses up for the first surf session of the day, the instructor gives some tips about the spot and how to enter and get out safely.  Once in the water, you will be independant and surf as you wish. 

We usually do a little break to eat something and go back to the water after the first session, but if the conditions are good, we can surf for 4 hours and then eat.

The surfing time depends on what the surf instructor decides (he knows when is the best moment depending on the spots, tides, conditions). 


  • Transport to the best spot depending on the conditions and your level
  • Tips about the spot (get in and out, tide…)
Equipment (board and wetsuit) is not included in this course. You can rent it at the surfcamp or bring your own surf board and wetsuit. 
  • Surf board
  • Wetsuit
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen

Surf guiding is perfect for surfers who already surfed before, are autonomous in the water and would like to discover the waves in Morocco. 

Day trip to Imsouane

Day trip with surf lesson : 70 € per person
Day trip without surf : 50 € per person

Imsouane is a charming fishing town 1h30 to the North from Tamraght. It is very known nowdays for its super long right (the longest in Africa) and perfect for all levels. 

Our trip consists in going to Imsouane with our 4×4’s, enjoying some offroad for more adventure. Once there, we will start the surf lesson on this amazing wave, you will try to take it as long as you can with the help of our surf instructors. After a good session, we head up to the local market to find our meal. We can not find any fresher fish for a good barbecue ! Finally, by the end of the day, still with our 4×4’s, we climb the tallest dune of Tamri for some sandboarding (surf on the dune) and to enjoy the view there.